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Why is fostering important?

Fostering is a crucial part of the animal rescue world. Fostering means taking in a dog and having a goal, through nurture and love, of finding them a forever home where they will be unconditionally loved. Opening your home and heart to fostering means you're saving lives. Animals saved from the shelter, not only have their lives saved from possible euthanasia, but also open up space so the shelter does not overflow. To put it into perspective, per year about 2.7 million animals are euthanized (ASPCA). 


What are the best parts about fostering?

There are so many it is hard to name them all! Click here for reasons why fostering a shelter pet is the best experience in the world. 


Where do foster pets come from?

Many of the foster pets come from local animal shelters, but some also are owner surrenders. Regardless of where they come from, most are in danger. Owner surrenders have the possibility of going to the shelter if not taken in by a rescue, and those from shelters have very limited amount of time before potential euthanasia. 


How long is the fostering period?

The period ranges due to the differences in breeds, ages, and personalities of the dogs. An example would be that puppies most of the time are quicker adoptions than adult dogs. In the case that a family can no longer foster, FFR will search for another foster family for the dog, but the rescue would need the appropriate time to do so. Fostering is a commitment, and we expect our fosters to try their absolute best to see it through.


What does it cost to foster a pet?

All veterinary care is provided by the rescue. We ask that if possible the foster assist in providing some supplies for their foster, but the rescue is able to help facilitate resources.

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